Weight Loss & Cleansing

We’ve all heard it before: to lose weight, your body must burn stored fat. Yet despite counting calories and exercising regularly, many still can’t shed the pounds. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 66% of adult Americans are overweight, and while the majority of them probably want to trim down, most are losing the battle of the bulge. That could be because they’re not armed with the right weapons. You see, they’re not just fighting fat. New research reveals the true culprit behind the weight loss struggle – hormones – fat burning hormones.

The Advanced Healthcare Solutions program addresses these questions and has proven very successful – especially for those who have a stubborn metabolism. The principles utilized give patients effective leverage over weight loss because they address the very things that control weight loss – fat burning hormones. Hormones control metabolism, and once these hormones are working for them instead of against them, patients have success. There are six fat-burning hormones, and each is triggered by a different series of events. Wouldn’t it make sense to know what these events are and how to trigger them?