Alternative medicine is real medicine, with real, measurable results for you.

If there is any disturbance in the flow of oxygen or the flow of blood, it will lead to a lack of

ease or dis-ease in our body. Today we call Qi oxygen, and we credit the Chinese for this discovery well over 3500 years ago. According to Chinese medicine, Qi is the vital energy which flows through a system of channels called meridians and regulates the bodily functions. All the vital activities of the human body are explained by changes and movement of Qi.

It is important to realize that all the healing powers of the body are inherent (existing naturally inside) in the blood. But if an area of the body is sick or injured, and there is not enough blood flowing to the affected areas, it is extremely difficult for the body to ever heal the injury. In our blood we have hormones, neuro-chemicals, anti-inflammatories & pain relievers; it is just a matter of having the body in balance. Acupuncture works by increasing Qi/blood flow to the targeted areas, thereby allowing the body to heal itself .