Acupuncture heals Allergies!

Allergies are no fun.  Itchy, sneezing, runny nose.  The options out there are endless, especially when you go to the pharmacy.  Musonex, Claratin, Zyretc, Benadryl.  But what about natural options?  Well a new study came out by the Annals of Internal Medicine proving that acupuncture can help ease symptoms of seasonal allergies.

This is big news for us in the acupuncture world.  We already knew that this was possible, but to have a study back up the claims so that the general public can see another ailment that acupuncture can treat, well it is very exciting.

The study was conducted on 422 people with allergens to birch and grass pollen.  The group was divided into three groups.  People taking medication (Cetirizine), people who took the medication and received acupuncture, and lastly people who took the medication and received “sham” acupuncture.  The results of this trial declared that acupuncture led to significant improvements in quality of life.

As an acupuncturist, I see my patients improve their respiratory health with acupuncture alone, though herbal prescriptions can also speed up the healing process.

Please come in and make an appointment with Advanced Healthcare Solutions and start to take control of your allergies today!


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