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Welcome to Raleigh, North Carolina’s source and leader for Integrative and Holistic Healthcare Medicine. Our practice utilizes time tested therapies including; Acupuncture, Acupressure, Natural Weight Loss, Massage, Oriental Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Counseling and other modalities to end pain… restore balance… and help you live better.

We have been part of the Raleigh community for over 13 years and enjoy the smaller town feel in a growing city. For more than 20 years we have been making people healthy. During this time we have successfully treated over 90,000 patients.

As you view our website you will see that we treat many different types of health problems. One of our specialties is treating patients with long term unresolved conditions using all natural medicines and therapies.

Our philosophy is that we don’t “dig a well when we are thirsty.”

What this means is that we must prevent disease and illness as much as possible otherwise it might just be too late. In our practice, we use wellness medicine as our main approach, to lead people in a direction of healthy lifestyles and reduce the risk of illness. This replaces the old approach of waiting to become ill and then searching for a cure.

So if you are curious, confused or are ready to begin to regain your health, energy and vitality in an environment that is safe, effective, drug free and peaceful, then I encourage you to take the first step.

If your health has suffered for some time and conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals have not produced the results you had hoped for, please contact us.

Call us at Advanced Healthcare Solutions for a Free Consultation and Treatment Evaluation or take our free Stress Test (located in the right margin) and see how stress is affecting your life.

I am very grateful for Advanced Healthcare Solutions and their vigilance to relieve my symptoms.

“Thanks to Marc and Emma and the entire staff at Advanced Healthcare Solutions!! After eight years of my neuropathy being under control  (kudos to Marc), it started to act back up and my blood pressure was extremely high. After a month of Acupuncture and taking herbs, my neuropathy is under control and my blood pressure is back at an acceptable number. I am very grateful for Advanced Healthcare Solutions and their vigilance to relieve my symptoms. Thanks again!”
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Working with Marc has sped up my progress immensely!

“I started seeing Marc about nine months after I was diagnosed with late stage chronic Neurological Lyme Disease. I was on heavy antibiotics and extremely sick. I could not drive or barely hold my head up. Six months later, I am off most of my antibiotics, I am walking steadily and a majority of my symptoms are gone. My goal for my treatment is to beat my infection completely. Working with Marc has sped up my progress immensely! He is caring; his approach works miracles; I feel safe and cared for when I am here. He has saved my life! So many Lyme sufferers get caught in a hole of pain and depression and hopelessness. Marc and his staff have saved me from that!”
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-G. P.

Natural medicine is definitely the way to go for me

“Been coming for Acupuncture for three years, through my chemotherapy and reconstructive breast surgery. Acupuncture has helped me to heal quickly and feel overall better. My sciatica in my lower back and carpel tunnel pain have greatly improved with my weekly visits. Marc has also helped to get me pregnant and continue a successful pregnancy as well as controlling the pain while I have been pregnant. I hope to continue to see Marc after I give birth and to feel good every day. I will never go back to using steroids or cortisone shots again. Natural medicine is definitely the way to go for me.” read more testimonials…


The Pain is Gone!

“I work in the medical field and must admit that in the beginning I was a bit skeptical of Acupuncture. I was having pain, swelling, numbness and cramping in my hand and wrists. I went through all of the medical specialists (physical therapist, neurologist, allergist and rheumatologist) and after a year of many painful tests and thousands of dollars, I still had no answers. I was sitting in the parking lot leaving the rheumatologist after being told they couldn’t help and that I needed to follow up with the neurologist (who had told me the same thing).  That’s when I saw an ad in a magazine for Advanced Healthcare Solutions. I called and made an appointment for the next day. During my very first treatment I was so relaxed that I actually went to sleep. I immediately felt the results. I first noticed my relaxation and was able to sleep better at night. I also felt an increase in energy. After continued treatments, my arms improved as well as other aspects of my health. I don’t know in what state my health would be today if it wasn’t for Marc and Advanced Healthcare Solutions. I am very disappointed in the medical field because all they wanted to do was put me on medications that would temporarily relieve and mask my symptoms. Advanced Healthcare Solutions’ goal is to get to the root of the problem and restore my health. For me, Acupuncture has never been painful and has given me great benefits. Thanks to AHS, I am able to continue to work and enjoy my life.” read more testimonials…

-G. G., Sonographer

“Lauren has had an intractable migraine for almost three months. The migraines started two years ago and increased in frequency until she had one continuous migraine.Since January, she has had a five-day hospital stay at Wake Med, a five-day stay at UNC, an MRI, two lumbar punctures and a number of powerful medications. Nothing helped and Lauren essentially spent three months in bed in a darkened bedroom. On a migraine forum, I read about people who recovered from intractable migraines through Acupuncture. We came to Advanced Healthcare Solutions and our lives have changed so much. When we left UNC Hospital, we felt hopelessness and despair, and now we have our lives back and our daughter has a future. She is so much better. I hadn’t expected much when we decide to try Acupuncture. It seemed like a nebulous idea with no foundation in science. Now I know better and would suggest it for everyone.”
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  • Holistic Medicine

    Emphasizing the need to look at the whole person, rather than just one single problem.

    Our office analyzes physical, nutritional, emotional, mental, and lifestyle values. Holistic Medicine provides a safe alternative to drugs and surgeries therefore supporting overall health and well-being.

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  • Committed to Green

    Advanced Healthcare Solutions has been designed with a purpose; reducing stress and enhancing the health of your body. As a result we have taken great care to create a healthy environment, free of toxins. The walls are painted with Low V.O.C. paints and our floors are bamboo, chosen because it is gentle on the environment and is a renewable resource. In addition, each room has its own air filtration system to ensure clean, fresh air.