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Welcome to Advanced Healthcare Solutions

Welcome to Raleigh, North Carolina’s source and leader of, Chinese Medicine, Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Holistic Medicine and Alternative Medicine.


For 25 years we have built a reputation of exceptional patient care and outstanding service. Our goal is to treat each person who visits our office with the personalized care we would want for ourselves. That is why we design and formulate a customized treatment plan specifically for you. We work in collaboration with our patients and many of their physicians to achieve attainable goals and remarkable results.

3 1/2 year old receiving acupuncture for the first time
and can feel the difference


The Purpose and mission of our practice is to help people become as healthy as possible and get well naturally without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery.


In our Practice we start with a Consultation appointment, at no charge, so that you can meet with the clinic director and ask any questions that you might have. We also use this consultation to determine if Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine can help improve your health. If we feel that we can assist you we will offer you our services. If we feel that we cannot accept your case and you may be better served with another specialist we will make the necessary referral to the best practitioner who will assist you.


How we can help you:


If you suffer from chronic pain or other ailments and pharmaceutical drugs or conventional medicine have failed to produce the desired results then it may be the time to consider another option. Please contact us.


Let’s see how we could possibly help you feel better, loose weight, reduce your pain, increase your energy and vitality, improve your memory, get better sleep, and get on with your life the way that you want to!


One of our specialties is treating patients with long term unresolved health conditions.


Call us today for your No cost Consultation and Treatment Evaluation.

Blogs & Articles

If you’re not the type of person who loves wintertime, chances are you’re the type who simply can’t wait for it to be over. Whether it’s due to the cold weather, pressure to end the year well at work, or family-related stress, the holiday season can be especially difficult for many people. But what if… continue reading

It’s the most wonderful time of the year– or is it? Between crowded shopping centers, calendars overloaded with social engagements, and closing out the year at work, many of us feel more stressed during the holiday season than we do any other time of the year. That’s because our responsibilities don’t go away as soon… continue reading

With over 18 million Americans suffering from diabetes, chances are you or somebody you know has been faced with the challenge of managing this unfortunate disease. Though prevention is always the best medicine, diabetes is a lifelong condition that no pills, treatments, or regimens can cure. Western medicine has devoted a vast amount of research… continue reading

Seasoned acupuncturists and naturopathic healthcare providers Advanced Healthcare Solutions reveals what makes ordinary acupuncturists extraordinary—it’s experience coupled with highly individualized treatment. Raleigh, North Carolina — Raleigh’s favorite acupuncture and holistic health center, Advanced Healthcare Solutions, published a new blog post entitled “What Makes a Good Acupuncturist?” In the post, they discuss what to look for… continue reading

If you’re new to acupuncture, you’re probably excited, curious—and honestly, maybe a little confused about some of the terminology. That’s okay! We’re here to help you understand exactly how and why acupuncture can help you achieve the best health of your life. And to start off on your healing journey, perhaps the most important term… continue reading

Advanced Healthcare SolutionsPractitioners who listenExperienced care you can trustResults you can count on

Acupuncture is one of the quickest ways to
restore muscle balance.

Treating Sports Injuries

with Acupuncture

For 25 years the protocols and treatments used at Advanced Healthcare Solutions have benefitted thousands of our patients.

Acupuncture for Fertility

Many people experience a great deal of stress at work but have very little spare time to deal with stress-related symptoms.

Corporate Wellness



Does Acupuncture Work?

I am a Physician Assistant and have tried mainstream medicine to help with my ailments.  I wanted someone to treat my whole body.  I knew whatever problems I had, must be related to each other but each

Aches & Pains


Expert North Carolina Acupuncturist Says To Play Like The Pros, Incorporate Acupuncture Into Your Training Regimen

Raleigh, NC — — Raleigh’s favorite acupuncture and holistic health center, Advanced Healthcare Solutions, published a new blog post entitled “Improve Your Game With Acupuncture for Athletes.” In the post, they state that acupuncture is a vital component to athletic training practices because it helps the body heal faster, become more flexible, and eliminate pain… continue reading

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